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Keto Slim Max Review

Keto Slim Max is one of many nutritional supplements that help users lose weight. The customer only has to take the preparations to achieve the desired weight. A change in diet or the integration of more exercise in everyday life should not be necessary. We wanted to find out if you really can lose weight only by taking the drug and have a little more intense with Keto Slim Max.

Keto Slim Max Review

Introduction to Keto Slim Max

Keto Slim Max is diet capsules made from all-natural ingredients. So at least the manufacturer advertises his product on the sales side. By taking the capsules in combination with a low-calorie diet, the user should be able to lose weight. According to the manufacturer, the naturally-derived ingredients are the biggest difference in these capsules compared to other products on the market.

Keto Slim Max at Shark Tank?

As already mentioned, the manufacturer advertises on his sales page with fake reports and photos that can be downloaded from various databases. During our research, we also found out that Keto Slim Max was to be seen in “Shark Tank”. In the well-known television program, which can be seen in America on ABC, founders can present their idea or a product. The fact is that Keto Slim Diet was never presented in this or any similar program. Also, in this case, the manufacturer tries to deceive the customers with the wrong facts.

What are the ingredients Keto Slim Max?

By taking the fat burner, not only should weight be lost, but users should also get more energy and feel lighter. The reason should be the Keto Slim Max ingredients. These are composed primarily of black pepper, chromium, anhydrous caffeine, cayenne pepper, green tea extract, and L-carnitine.

Black Pepper:  This pepper normalizes the carbohydrate metabolism and also prevents swelling and the storage of water.

Chromium: Chromium has a positive effect on the skin and digestion. Besides, the energy flow is improved.

Anhydrous Caffeine: This caffeine inhibits the absorption of fast carbohydrates and reduces body fat more effectively.

Cayenne Pepper: It stimulates the digestion and cleansing of the intestine. Besides, this pepper has a positive property of removing excess fluids.

Green Tea Extract: Green tea can reduce hunger and appetite. At the same time, the feeling of satiety is stimulated.

L-Carnitine: L-carnitine accelerates the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. In this way, the weight can be reduced more effectively.

Keto Slim Max Diet Review

Usage Instructions and Right Dosage:

According to the manufacturer, Keto Slim Max should be taken once a day with one capsule. It is important to take the capsule with enough liquid and to take it before the main meal. Also, the manufacturer recommends taking the product over 28 days to have an effective effect.

During our research, we also found any dosing instructions. According to these, two capsules are taken during the day. When taking and dosing we refer to the instructions of the manufacturer of Keto Slim Max and its explanation on the sales side.

Side Effects of Keto Slim Max:

There are neither on the sales side of the product nor on the Internet information on possible Keto Slim Max side effects. The manufacturer advertises that it can come to any side effects since it is all about natural ingredients.

From our experience, however, we know that in particular, the combination of the mentioned ingredients (green tea extract and caffeine) may cause stomach problems and sleep problems for some users. Besides, intolerances or allergic reactions are not excluded even with natural ingredients.

Keto Slim Max Experiences and Reviews:

We did a lot of research on the Internet and did not just want to rely on a negative review we just happened to find. Unfortunately, we have found on closer research even more customers who are very dissatisfied with this dietary supplement.

The first Keto Slim Max review comes from a lady who speaks in her text of rip-off and fraud. She took the capsules regularly and did not lose any weight.

Another customer writes that until today she has not received any goods and also the customer service of Keto Slim Max cannot be reached. Also, this lady is more than disappointed by the way the manufacturer deals with customers.

The last report that we want to introduce to you comes from a gentleman who, according to his doctor’s advice, should lose weight. As an aid, he wanted to rely on Keto Slim Max. Unfortunately, after a short time, severe side effects occurred.

ATTENTION – KetoSlim Max is a Rip-Off Product?

The first impression of the sales side of KetoSlim Max made us curious and so we researched a little more intensively. Above all, we noticed the before-and-after pictures and the experience reports, which seemed a bit familiar to us. And we have discovered the photos in a photo database, which can be downloaded there.

Even the alleged users who have already tested the capsules, there is not in reality. The reviews are not from real people, but were forged by the manufacturer and then provided with acquired photos. It is in the published reports of KetoSlim Max, which can be found on the Internet, clearly fakes!

But the manufacturer goes one step further and even publishes a test report of an alleged doctor recommending the customer KetoSlim Max to lose weight permanently. Also, this report is fake and the doctor specified there does not exist. Also, this picture comes from a database.

Because of this negative evidence of fraudulent behavior and misleading customers, we strongly advise against buying this product.

Keto Slim Max

Is there any effective Alternate Product Exists?

Many people are dissatisfied with their weight and accordingly looking for an effective means by which the annoying pounds can be reduced. However, due to our intensive research on the Internet, we recommend you Keto Slim Max in this context.

As an effective alternative, with no side effects and rip-offs, we can recommend to our readers the KetoBliss Diet from Spring Hall Nutrition. We have already tested this product several times and can, therefore, recommend it with a clear conscience.

Frequently Asked Questions

From the manufacturer, Keto Slim Max is advertised as a real miracle cure in the fight against the unloved pounds. If these diet capsules can help you lose weight, you may find it helpful to read the frequently asked questions.

Can you lose weight with Keto Slim Max?

We doubt that you can lose weight with this dietary supplement. On the Internet, we have found no credible positive experience reports to Keto Slim Max. This speaks for us once against a serious product that can positively support a weight reduction. Also, it seems that the primary concern of the manufacturer is to rip off the customers and not provide them with an effective slimming product.

Is there a forum where you can talk to others?

A special KetoSlim Max forum is not found on the internet. However, we have found in our research numerous forums in which sufferers can exchange about the capsules.

What do the capsules cost?

The manufacturer offers Keto Slim Diet on his website for a price of 39.00 Dollar instead of 78.00 Dollar. For this price, the customer receives 10 capsules in a pack. Since the recommended duration is 28 days, the customer would have to buy three packs of the capsules. The total amount, in this case, would be 117.00 Dollars.

Is there customer service?

On the website of the product can be found no information on customer service or how this can be contacted. Also missing on the website, the imprint, so it is not clear which company is behind Keto Slim Max.

How can I order Keto Slim Max?

The order of the capsules can only be made via the sales side of the manufacturer. For this purpose, the customer must fill out a corresponding form and submit. Afterward, the customer will be contacted by an operator who will go over all further order steps with the customer. After completion of the order, the product will be shipped.

Where to buy Keto Slim Max?

You cannot buy in pharmacies or on internet platforms like eBay or Amazon Keto Slim Max. The only way you can order these diet capsules is through the manufacturer’s sales page. This is justified by the manufacturer with the argument that in the past there were too many fakes of the product on the Internet. This we could not bring in our research, however, inexperience.

Keto Slim Max Diet

How high is the price?

On the website of the manufacturer, the dietary supplement is offered at a discounted price. The Keto Slim Max price here is 39.00 Dollar instead of 78.00 Dollar. The website states that this is only a limited offer.

According to our experience, the customers should be induced in this way to a quick, rash purchase. In reality, there is no discount. Also, we would like to note that the indicated price refers to a pack of 10 capsules.

Final Verdict:

According to our research, we, unfortunately, have to assume that Keto Slim Diet is once again a product that only aims to pull the money out of the customer’s pocket. The manufacturer advertises with fake reviews and photos of people who have never tested the product or in any connection to this.

Also, the unsuspecting customer is suggested that this dietary supplement was already presented in the successful program “Shark Tank”. All these points support that it is not a serious and effective product. For this reason, we strongly advise against our readers buying Keto Slim DIet.

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